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Post My Darlings!

I'm slowly making a website, and since i'm into astrology, I figured i'd make a section for it on there.

I couldn't think of anything to say, so I figured i'd ask all of you what your sign is so I can hear your lovely typing skills.
I'll begin by saying i'm a scorpio. :)

~King Richie Lou
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I am an odd ball.

I am born on the EXACT minute the signs change. I fit both descriptions and really weird.
I was born on December 22.
Some books have me as a Capricorn... some as a Sagitarious.

So does that makes me a Sagicorn?
I know how that can be, somewhat.
My friend is born on the 22nd of November, and some sources say thats the last day of scorpio, some say the 21st is, but it actually ends on both days, depending upon the year.
The exact MINUTE though!
Wow, I don't know what to say.
I'd have to see a birth certificate to work that one out.
I can't imagine you being both, but i've never heard of that happening before either.
Maybe you are a sagicorn, I don't know.
I'm a scorpio as well =) actually... i was born october 24th.. on the libra/scorpio cusp..
Fellow scorpios unite! :)
Well the "Queen" if this community has y'all beat ok...?? I'm a Cancer sun, a Scorpio Moon... and Gemini Rising... hehe

translation: (one moody bitch with a split personality)

How do you afford the therepy bills?
I don't *insert big cheesy grin here* Watch out, I just might snap at any moment....


Who am I again??

::Runs away in fear::
Hi something about you made me post..
Maybe it's cuz I like your screen name and im also a scorpio<33
Good to hear from more Scorpios I suppose.
The web site in your journal is rather interesting.
The whole questioning thing was a tad scary, but funny.
Oh, by the way...
Thankyou for the compliment.
If you want, i'll add you to my friend list.
shure thing <3 yeah the website is just so random I like it.Some parts of it anyways....<3
Oh, I thought it was your website.
It is quite unique.