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open circle for Midsummer

Greetings All,

Who: You are all invited to the Midsummer ritual!

When: This Sunday, June 26th, at 3pm, in the parking lot. Ritual will start promptly at 3:30 (with or without you, so if you show up late, casually and quietly join our circle with as little disruption as possible, thanks).

Where: We will be meeting at Ken Thompson Park (located near Mote Marine Institute) in Sarasota. This will be a public ritual, although it will be held in a somewhat isolated location within the park.

DIRECTIONS: Take US 41 to John Ringling Blvd. This will take you over a bridge and into St. Armand's Circle. Go a quarter of the ways aound the circle to John Ringling Parkway (not blvd.) and take this road off the circle. Follow John Ringling Parkway to Ken Thompson Parkway and turn right. Look for signs that read "Ken Thompson Park" or "Mote Marine". Follow this road to the parking lot at the far end. We will be parked there. After 3:30pm however, we will be somewhere in the park, probably next to the water.

Here is the link to yahoo maps:
Yahoo! Yellow Pages - Mote Marine Aquarium-Events

What: (to bring): The ritual will be a fairy theme for Midsummer, so if you have any fairy garb or items of the fey you wish to have charged with fairy energy, please bring them. Also, please bring an offering for the fairies. It can be anything you consider beautiful or sweet. (They like candy, cream (or anything creamy), rice pudding, fruit, flowers, anything that smells pretty or sweet, crystals, anything sparkly, poems, music, stories, art, etc.) OH... and they particularly like Jasmine, Lavender, honey, and jingly bells/windchimes/etc.

DO NOT bring anything made of iron or the herb called "Broom". Fairies are allergic to both.

We will be going out to eat afterwards at someplace reasonably inexpensive, and everyone is welcome to join us, even if just to socialize and not eat/drink.

Blessed Be
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