undead in bed (meek_zombie) wrote in srq_pagans,
undead in bed


some of you may have seen the car around town that has the donnie darko bunny on the hood, the red car and the blue trunk, i love road head stickers and naked chicks and stuff. that is my car. it runs mostly, has new front wheels, new fron roders and break pads, new vacume hoses, new battery, new alternator that costed $150 for some reason, custom interior (my boyfriend works on cars and is doing the interior, most of it's done). but it is not working for somereason, i think it is the connectors for the battery it cost like $3 to fix. the thing is i can not get the hood open to replace them. but anywho! if anyone is good with cars, or needs some parts for a 91 ford tempo(less than 100,000 miles i was told when i bpught the car, it was a work car on the weekends for a friend of a friend and has been alright for me), or jsut wants some pretty decent transportation, pretty interesting car to look at too. but if you want it, i will sell it to you for $300 i bought it for $750, it just needs the hood opened, i dunno, if any young kid out there wants some car for cheap it's yours $300. if not i am going to sell the new parts and junk it becuase rich grandpappy is helping me buy a new car. hit me up if you areinterested.
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