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BB everyone. Sorry if this is off topic, but since the community is a bit dead lately, I didn't think it could hurt lol. I have to get rid of my puppy and wanted to know if anyone here was interested.
She's was born in December, so that makes her about 8 months old. She's a black lab/Akita mix, named Belle. But she doesn't really know her name, which is only because I personally have a bad habit of calling all dogs "puppy" no matter how old or their real name lol. She's house broken, trained with a leash and crate trained. She's also been trained to eat in her crate, so when she sees food, she will go to her cage.
She loves everyone and everything. She's a very playful dog. She gets along great with other dogs, cats, kids, and old people. She truly just loves everyone. She really is a great dog and I hate to have to get rid of her, but the new apartment won't allow pets. If I can't find anyone on here who would like her, I will have to take her to the pound. And I would hate to have to do that. So again, if anyone is interested or knows someone who is, she's a great dog.
Just gimme a call on the cell 234-6677, and ask for Alli. I'm not asking anything for her, just a good home. *That means free ;-) * I'm hoping to get calls soon, because I have very little time to make arrangements. I need to get rid of her by as early as possible, hopefully this weekend. I work from 8:30 to 5 (Mon through Thurs), but go ahead and leave a message. I can either go on a break if I have a chance or call you back after I get out of work. Thanks everyone and hope to hear from someone soon :-)

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*EDIT* Nextel shut off my phone this morning, thanks to not paying my bills :-P So if you're interested in the puppy, just leave me a message on the post or email me at Sorry anyone about the inconvenience. :-)
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